All of our produce, meat, tacos, and spices are certified organic.

Tempura $6 /$9

Tempura fried seasonal vegetables, hottie sauce, ginger scallion sauce, cilantro.

Make it DeLuxe – caramelized onion, cashew cheese, avocado, add $3

Pork Tacos $8

Corn tortillas, First Fruit Farm pork shoulder, Prema Farm baby bok choy and carrot kimchi, toasted sesame seeds, Korean taco sauce, cilantro. Add avocado $1

Mushroom Turnip Tacos $7

Corn tortillas, shiitake mushroom, Prema Farm roasted turnip, braised greens, pickled onion, toasted squash seed, cashew avocado crema. Add avocado $1

Po’ Boy Banh Mi $12

Toasted baguette, tempura oyster mushroom, Prema Farm kale slaw, DVA cucumber, DVA pickled jalepeño, hottie mayo, cilantro.

Gluten Free $2

Tofu Banh Mi $10

Toasted baguette, tempura tofu, DVA jalapeno, DVA cucumber, Prema Farm pickled radish, curry mayo, cilantro.

Gluten Free $2

Chicken Banh Mi $10

Toasted baguette, slow-simmered chicken, DVA orange peter cayenne, Prema Farm pickled carrot, Dayton Valley Aquaponics cucumber, cilantro mayo, cilantro.

Gluten Free $2

Hand Salad $9

Prema spinach, DVA cucumber, Ital Farm microgreens, avocado, rice noodles, Prema Farm carrot, toasted sunflower and sesame seed, rice paper. Served with sesame ginger sauce.

Add Chicken for $3

Ramen $9

creamy miso broth, ramen noodles, kimchi, shiitake mushrooms, Prema Farm bok choy, scallion, garlic sesame chili oil, nori.

Add First Fruit Farms pork belly for $4

Substitute rice noodles to make it gluten free

Rainbow Plate: $6

Rotating house pickles.


Local Craft Beer

Local Folk Kombucha $6

Pok Pok Drinking Vinegar $3

Basil Fruit Smoothie $6

Almond Butter Jelly Date Smoothie $6

Black Iced Tea $2

Hibiscus Iced Tea $2

Hot Lemon Ginger Tea $3


Breakfast menu: available weekends

Egg Tacos – $7

Corn tortillas, fried eggs or tofu, refried pinto beans, cashew sour, hottie sauce, sprouts.


Vegan French toast – $8

Banana flax battered french bread, apples and pears, powdered sugar, and syrup