The DeLuxe is a fully organic, plant based, scratch kitchen.

Our entire menu is available vegan and/or gluten free.

Prices reflect the .50 upcharge for eco friendly to-go wear, come to our location at 148 West Street for deals!

Smalls Plates

Kim Chi Tacos: $7
Two corn tortillas, housemade kimchi, Korean taco sauce, local sprouts, cilantro, and your choice of chicken, beef, tempura tofu, or seasonal veggies

add avocado - $1

add cashew sour cream - .5

Seasonal Tacos $8

Daily chef creations made with seasonality.

Tempura Fries $6/$8

Sweet potatoes and zuchini battered in our gluten free tempura, and fried. Served with housemade hot ketchup and ginger scallion sauces.

Loaded Fries: $7/$9

Tempura fries, cashew cheese, hottie sauce, black bean salsa, and green onion.

Rainbow Plate: $6

All of our in house pickles!

Hand Salads

Available as a plate salad for no extra charge.

The OG $11

A burrito sized spring roll filled with spinach, two types of cabbages, carrots, avocado, sunflower seeds, and sprouts, served with sesame ginger sauce.

add chicken - .3.50 beef - 3.50, tofu or tamari mushrooms - 3

In living Basil $13
A burrito sized spring rolled stuffed with spring mix, rice noodles, carrots, Tamari mushrooms, Chicken or tofu, local basil, cucumbers, and sprouts. Served with maple avocado sauce

Add avocado - $1



Classic Bánh mì: $11.00
Local Sourdough, Housemade Cilantro Mayo or Vegan mayo, Pickled Diakon and Carrots, Jalepeno, Cucumber, Cilantro, and your choice Chicken, beef, tofu, seasonal veggies or tempura mushroom.

 Gluten Free Sourdough $2.00


EBE Teriyaki $11
A bed of rice or rice noodles topped with spinach, sweet potato, mushrooms, Housemade date teriyaki sauce, cabbage slaw, kimchi, green onion, sprouts and sesame seeds

 Chicken $3.50
Beef $3.50
Organic Tempura Tofu $3

Seasonal Bowl $11
Rotating Flavors based on local seasonality.

 Soup $10

Traditional Thai Tom Kha, with tofu and mung bean sprouts.

Chicken $3.50




Sweetie Bowl: $6

Rice, spinach, teriyaki sauce, slaw, avocado, seeds.

Kiddie Tacos: $5

Corn tortillas, Chicken or Tofu, slaw, cashew sour cream, sesame seeds

Cafe Classics:

Vegan French toast - $9

Two thick slices of local French bread, coated and fried in a banana-flax batter, served with real maple syrup and apples.

Gluten Free Available for $2.

Egg Tacos - $9 - Weekends only

Two corn tortillas, local fried eggs or tofu, cashew cheese, cashew sour cream, hottie sauce, black bean salsa, avocado and sprouts.


Basil Fruit Smoothie

Hibiscus Cardamom Cooler

Black Iced Tea

Local Beer - Rotating Flavors

Local FOLK Kombucha