Brunch Menu

Welcome to brunch at the Deluxe, our entire menu is organic, vegan friendly and inspired by Café DeLuxe Classics.


Egg Tacos - $8
Two tacos topped with cheese, fried eggs or tofu scramble, black bean salsa, avocados, sprouts, hottie sauce and cashew sour cream, with a side of home fries. Add bacon or Veggie Sausage $3

The Most Eggcelent Sandwich - $8
Miller Collective Sourdough, sautéed shallots and spinach, fried eggs, cucumber pickles, cilantro may and hottie ketchup. Add bacon or Veggie Sausage $3

Breakfast Burrito - $10
Home fries, scrambled egg or tofu scramble, cheese, mushroom, black bean salsa, broccoli, onion, and avocado served with hottie ketchup. Add Bacon or Veggie Sausage $3

Scramble - $9
Home fries, scrambled eggs or tofu scramble, onion, mushroom, broccoli, spinach, topped with avocado, cashew sour cream and served with hottie ketchup. Add on Bacon or Veggie Sausage $3

French Toast - $9
Cinnamon swirled bread, Served with pure maple syrup and powdered sugar. Vegan Available